Cüneyt and Bahar are a married couple in their late thirties living and working in Antalya, in southern Turkey. Cüneyt is a history teacher in high school and Bahar works at the tax department. They decide to adopt a baby after failing to bear one through biological means.

Since infertility is a shame in Turkey, they prefer to keep this a secret. While waiting for their turn, they start preparing a photo album chronicling Bahar’s pseudo-pregnancy, so that they can prove, in the future, that the baby is their very own biological offspring.  After the adoption, the couple’s wish to leave Antalya and start a new life is realized and Cüneyt gets assigned to a highschool in the city of Kayseri in center Anatolia. Everything seems to be working perfectly in their new life: Cüneyt is getting used to the new school and Bahar takes care of their new baby Serhat, talking about “the very difficult pregnancy period she had” to their new neighbors. One day, all three of them come back home from a shopping mall and find out that there is a burglar in their apartment. The burgler falls from the ninth floor and dies but when they go to the police station to tell their own version of the event, a police officer does some background research and learns about their adoption. The couple panics that everybody else in town will learn “the truth”, so they start thinking about where they can move next. A family acquaintance tells them there is a good school in Chad, in Africa. Bahar is at first horrified at the idea of moving outside Turkey but Cüneyt convinces her that it can’t be worse than living in a city where everybody knows they’re infertile.

A film by: Mehmet Can Mertoglu
Turkey, France, Romania, Germany 2016
Script: Mehmet Can Mertoglu
Cast: Mihriban Er, Sebnem Bozoklu, Murat Kilic
  Riza Akin
Producer: Yoel Meranda, Eytan Ipeker, Rèmi Burah
  Marc Baschet, Oana Kelemen, Cedomir
  Colar, Calin Peter Netzer, Olivier Père
  Alexander Ris
Company: Kamara Film, ASAP Films, Parada Film
  Neue Mediopolis
Co-Producer: ARTE France Cinema
Supported by: Medienboard, Eurimage, Ministry of 
  Culture and Tourism of the Republic of 
  Turkey, Romanian Film Board (CNC)
World Sales: The Match Factory