Nikola works as a day worker, two years ago he was fired from the factory that went bankrupt. When they let him know what happened, he learns that his wife was taken to the hospital, and the children were taken by Social Service.  At the Social Service, he is told that the children are already placed in a foster family and will remain there until it is determined whether Nikola has adequate conditions to parent them. The Head of Service tells him that even if he sorts the house and improves the conditions, this is not enough of a warranty that he is able to look after the children. There is one condition – a full time job. Nikola is baffled, in a small town in the south of Serbia economy is ruined, poverty is omnipresent and it`s impossible to get a full time job.  Nikola learns there`s a chain corruption behind the Service`s decision, that the Head sends children to his village, to his relatives, and takes a percentage of the money they receive from the state for it. Nikola decides, out of protest and despair, to walk all the way to Beldgrade to the Ministry, to look for justice and his right to his children.

Screenplay written by 
Srdan Golubovic, Ognjen Svilicic, Srdan Koljevic