After smoking joints and having drinks, John tries to rape him. Sharaf pushes John away, and his head hits on a glass table. John dies immediately.  After a night at the nearest police station Sharaf is sentenced to 45 days of pretrial confinement. At the court Hoda, the girl he loves, meets him and she assures him her loyalty. From the moment he arrives at the jail Sharaf begins to understand that class distinction is also part of the prison system. There are two categories of prisoners: the 'Governmentals' and the 'Royals'. Sharaf doubts that his parents are able to afford the money, so he becomes one of the larger group of Governmentals. He gets to know the prison as a place of injustice, abuse and exploitation on all levels. After a few weeks Sharaf climbs the ‘prison social ladder’ to become a Royalist. The price for this is to become a spy for Officer Edko. Sharaf meets Dr. Ramzy, who was the manager of an international pharmaceutical company. He tries to improve the life inside the prison. He is passionate about educating his fellows when it comes to health and hygiene. Dr. Ramzy takes care of Sharaf and they become friends. But Sharafs begins to worry as the visits of Hoda, his became more and more infrequent. She tells him that the grocer around the corner had asked her to marry him and her father wants her to accept. The Islamists in the prison make an uprising that is cracked down with great violence. Meanwhile Sharaf and Dr. Ramzy are preparing for a puppet show in the prison to celebrate the memory of 6th October-War. The play is very political and makes fun of those who are in power. The performance ends with a big scandal that sees the liberal director of the prison relocated to a prison in Upper Egypt. The pressure on Sharaf grows when Officer Edko asks him to spy on Dr. Ramzy. He has no choice anymore and hands the precious diary of his friend to Officer Edko.Sharaf gets to know Salem, a gloomy, but fascinating character. Salem teaches Sharaf how to stay strong in prison. One day, when two prisoners try to rape Sharaf, Salem comes to his rescue. Later Salem makes a comment that Sharaf’s legs would be nicer without hair. That night Salem approaches Sharaf sexually, who refuses and turns away. After a visit from his mother Sharaf realizes that he has lost everything: Hoda, the love of his, has married the grocer and now his family is bankrupt. He understands that no rescue will come for him from outside the prison.


Screenplay written by Ibrahim Sonallah and Samir Nasr