Sleeping Songs

Martin, a nu-jazz trumpet player with a unique style, is fighting against convention and mediocrity. He will not accept any compromise, neither in his music, nor in love. When he gets the feeling that Kristina, the love of his life, only loves him for his musical talents, he is deeply hurt.

Disappointed, he bids farewell to both her and his previous life. On the edge of society, he meets an old woman, who bequeaths him her pain in the form of poems. Martin is immediately fascinated. Can they guide him back to himself, to Kristina, or to his music?

Sleeping Songs
A Film by:   Andreas Struck
Germany 2009    
Script:   Dagmar Gabler
Music:   Nils Petter Molver
Cast:   Stefan Rudolf, Chulpan Khamatova, Traute Hoess,
    Paula Kahlenberg
Producer:   Alexander Ris, Petra Hengge, Jörg Rothe
Company:   Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion
Co-Producer:   WDR / ARTE
Supported by:   Filmstiftung NRW, Mitteldeutesche Medienförderung
World Sales:   ARRI Media Worldsales