Slovenka / Slovenian Girl

Alexandra is a 23-year-old student of English language in Ljubljana. She seems rather uninspired at learning and way more willing to raise money for a better living. Nobody knows that Alexandra runs personal ads under the nickname “The Slovenian Girl” and that prostitution is her secret source of income.

“Slovenka” soon becomes quite famous in the tabloids, which makes it even harder for Alexandra to keep lying to her friends and especially to her warmhearted and sincere Dad. Bud she has no choice – telling the truth would mean to lose everything.

Slovenka / Slovenian Girl
A Film by:   Damjan Kozole
Slovenia, Germany, Serbia, Croatia  2009  
Script:   Damjan Kozole
Cast:   Nina Ivanisin, Peter Musevski, Primoz Pirnat
Producer:   Danijel Hocevar, Alexander Ris, Jörg Rothe
    Jelena Mitrrovic, Anita Juka, Arma Baksic Camo
Company:   Vertigo / Emotionfilm, Neue Mediopolis  
    Filmproduktion, Film House Bas Celik, 4 Film
Co-Producer:   RTV Slovenija, Federal TV Bosnien Herzegowina
Supported by:   Slovenian Film Fund, Medienboard, Film Center Serbia
World Sales:   m-appeal
German Distributor:   farbfilm-verleih