Farmers in Space

They were heroes of a special kind. They came from the steppes, the sons of farmers, of factory floor women. Salt-of-the-earth, strapping young men, model husbands, who believed in communism with all their hearts. They were perfect identification-figures for the economically and ideologically damages socialist community. Bright futures lay ahead of them.

In the mane of the Intercosmos Programme they were about to conquer space. And today? What do the heroes of socialism do without socialism?

Farmers in Space    
A film by:   Mariann Kiss
Deutschland, Polen / 2009
Writer:    Jo Kreuz, Marian Kiss
Protagonist:   Vladimir Remek, Miroslaw Hermaszewski, Siegmund Jähn,
    Georgi Ivanov, Bertalan Farkas, Pham Tuan, Arnaldo
    Tamayo Mendez, Jugderdemid Gurragchaa, Dumitru Dorin 
    Prunariu, Abdul Ahad Momand
Producer:   Jörg Rothe, Alexander Ris, Andrzej Traczykowski
Company:   Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion, Wytwòrnia Filmòw
    Oswiatowych I Programòw Edukacyjnych WFOiP
In Co-Production:   ARTE, MDR, Telewizja Polska, MTV ZRt.
Supported by:   Medienboard, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, MEDIA,
    Eurimage, Polish Film Institute
World Sales:   aktis Film International
German Distributor:   Neue Visionen