Hidden Reserves

Insurance agent VINCENT BAUMANN is a cold-hearted careerist and slave to a relentless system set in the future who falls victim to the corporations for whom he works. He is demoted to henchman and tries stubbornly to re-enter the job world and fight his way back up the corporate ladder.

In the process he encounters the activist LISA SOKULOWA, who not only questions his world but actively fights against it. Through her Baumann comes to realize that there are other values than income and material success. He ends up turning against his former ideology and helping another human being: Lisa. The two of them have no future together. But they can celebrate a small triumph of dignity against the ruling, all-powerful regime.

A film by: Valentin Hitz
Austria, Germany, Switzerland 2016
Script: Valentin Hitz
Cast: Clemens Schick, Lena Lauzemis, Marion Mittelhammer, Marcus
  Signer, Daniel Olbrychski, Stipe Erceg, Simo Schwarz
Producer: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser, Alexander Ris, Christine Haupt,
  Karin Koch, Frank Evers, Helge Neubronner, Andreas Eichler
Company: FreibeuterFilm, Neue Mediopolis, Dschoint Ventschr
Co-Producer: CinePlus Filmproduktion
Supported by: Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Deutscher Film Förder Fund,
  Österreichisches Fiminstitut, Filmfond Wien, Filmstandort
  Österreich, Land Niederösterreich, Züricher Filmstiftung
German Distributor: Camino Filmverleih