The two brothers Volker and Bernd have to await an event, which is not part of everyday life: Bernds release from prison. However, this situation is nothing unusual for both and primarily Volker a more straight-forward guy recalls unpleasant and long suppressed memories, which contributed to long-lasting ups and downs within their relationship.

The debut film of Falko Schuster draws a picture about this personal confrontation with his family and a picture of oscillating between closeness and distance, between hope and distrust, which shaped the fragile relationship of both brothers until today.

A Film by:   Falko Schuster
Germany 2008    
Script:   Falko Schuster
Protagonist:   Berny Meyer, Hannelore Schuter, Volker Schuster, 
Producer:   Jörg Rothe, Alexander Ris
Company:   Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion
Co-Producer   MDR
Supported by:   Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung